About this Domain

DelightNU is owned by Shi. It is part of The Honor and Blood Network. This domain serves as the collective for all the joinable sites, such as web cliques, I own and run.

The domain name was purchased from NuNames on 7 August 2016 and went live on 29 June 2017. We are hosted by the wonderful MDD Hosting. Both services are very highly recommended!

Design Notes

The first version of this domain is entitled Angelic Spirit. The layout features artwork by the talented illustrator De Zhen. The theme is a luscious mix of peach and green hues, very ethereal indeed!

Design credit is due to the following:

+ Graphics courtesy of Heather Stone and Jelena Cestaric
+ Artwork from Digik Gallery and Webshots
+ Adobe Photoshop used for image editing
+ Notepad for HTML coding